Riya and its Roots

Riya Impex Private Ltd ., is a professionally managed company, backed by a strong team of highly qualified professionals and a committed family, who have excelled in life in different fields. The history of the promoters of company goes back to the passion of a man , Mr. Kundan Mal Chopra , who desired to think big and had guts to start a trading enterprise way back in 1988 , out of his personal savings of the life after working as an Accountant for nearly 25 years, with a known retail group of Chennai. The vision which was natured with share commitment to give value to the customers steadily progressed towards the growth by indulging in best business practice, giving best value to its clients for their money and Earning trust of its clientage. The company earned new heights when the young in the family joined the enterprise, under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chopra and MR. Vijay Raj Chopra, which include adding two more associations to its fold, exclusively catering to the needs of Leather Industry. With the dedicated team, the promoters established themselves as the sole supplier to many of its clients, in chemicals, Hot & Cold insulation and high performance engineering plastic s. This in fact was the result of years of hard work, high class service commitments, and personalized attention to every inquiry, understanding the needs of the clients & fulfilling personal & business commitments of the organization on time. In order to grow & steer the vision to new heights with a aim of having decent corporate image and serving global clients, the promoters decided to flourish a new company that will be dedicated to deal in Engineering Equipments, Services and new technologies and graduate as a world class marketing firm and service provider “ Riya Impex Private Limited” , which would bridge the gap between the manufacturers operating locally and globally & the End users of their products. By constant Market research and hunt for newer market equipments, Riya Impex Private limited will engage itself in providing a solid marketing and sales solution to its principles and quality products and services to its customers , time and again.

Vision and Mission

To achieve excellence in providing the best value to our clients and promoting the highest standards of quality, integrity and mutual respect.The company’s vision is to achieve critical mass not by building volumes or quantify its success in terms of revenue but to add value by contributing in terms of quality of its services. The professionals strive to raise the bar on service levels and all members of the organization are committed to building centers of excellence, which promote high quality experience for our clients through the highest standards of integrity, quality and mutual respect. We are channeling our self ahead with the objective of extending this experience to newer client’s everyday.

Our philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is not to be in the business for the sake of business; one of our motivations to be in the business is the development and advancement of the benificial technologies and processes and thus create value for our customers. Our business philosophy is based on three key elements of quality : our customers, our processes and our human resources. Our Customers : Our customers expect excellent performance, reliability, on-time delivery , consistent behaviour and more. we take a 360-degree view of our client and make every effort to live up to their satisfaction. Our customer’s success is our primary goal that helps us to continue to make positive contributions to business by offering our customers a choice of the best of products, services and technologies. We want active Participation of our customers. Our Processes : Providing the highest level of quality requires looking at our business from the customers’ perspective, not ours. By understanding the customer needs, we identify areas where we can add significant value, involve the team from our principals and provide them what they actually want. Our Human Resources : Riya employs highly qualified people and gives them great latitude to develop themselves through intensive training programmers both at the product level and at the personal level. Be it learning new Marketing knowledge or just improve upon the personal traits and leadership qualities, decision making to the benefit of our customers, business and in turn to society.